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You might not have heard the name QUITE DANKO, but its time you do. Jay Fulton of Baltimore is an extremely talented young producer, who is about to erupt from the underground. He does everything BASS, with a variety of sounds/samples. He provided some pretty solid material for us in our most recent exclusive interview. Check it out, and check out his VIBES. Each song has a its own completely different feel, so be sure to give them all a listen. We HIGHLY recommend a FAT SUB or some BASSY HEADPHONES. This shizz bumps.


QUITE DANKO on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter


dV: How and when did you start producing?


QD: I had always dabbled around in making beats on the computer, though I never really took it seriously until I managed to pick up a bootleg copy of reason 5 this past fall. That’s what sold me. I had a crappy pc at the time, and the cracked version of the program barely ran, but I made some of my first beats with reason. Unfortunately I had a break in at my apartment, and some jerk stole my old laptop, keyboard, and native instruments maschine. I almost quit making music after that happened, but with the support of people around me I gathered back up my cash, bought a mac mini with logic, and haven’t looked back since.


dv: I stumbled across your music because of the word “dank.” Other than the obvious, what does DANK mean to you?


QD: To me, DANK is beyond FRESH, the SMOOTHEST and the BEST. However my original meaning for dank, or danko had nothing to do with that. In a JAMES PATTERSON book I read, the main villain ,”William Danko,” used his brainwashing and manipulation to convince college students to abandon their families and join his cult. I’m not trying to convince anyone to join a cult, but I try to mentally manipulate you into moving to the music with my sound. That’s some DANK SH!T.


dV: Who are some of your biggest influences?


QD: Dr. Dre had me head boppin from the cradle, so he’s high up there. Surprisingly I’m a huge red hot chili peppers fan and that’s where i get most of my bass influence from. Flea’s a funky motherf****r. DATSIK and BASSNECTAR both have that hip swag that not too many other producers out there have. I used to be a metalhead back in the day, and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and ALL THAT REMAINS helped me out with the heavier side of my music.  All of the original Baltimore club DJs like Kswift, BLAQSTARR and  YOUNG LEEK, influenced me to start making electronic music in the first place with that raw energy their tracks have.


dV: dankVIBES is all about expanding people’s musical horizons. Your bio says that your versatile background in music does not let “genre restrict your choices when creating or sampling music.” Thats what we like to hear. How do you manage to maintain a distinct sound/style while blending and dominating a variety of sounds.


QD: If it doesn’t make my head bop, it’s not good. That’s my test. I don’t care whether I’m making dubstep, drum and bass, trap, whatever. If you can’t move your body with the track, I haven’t done my job yet.


dV: There’s been a lot of hype about trap music being the “new thing” throughout the EDM scene. What’s your take on this?


QD: Trap’s been blowing up. It just took the right people to take it to the forefront. One of the first artists I heard with true trap/trill influences was Mimosa, but it wasn’t until Flosstradamus put out the “Original Don” remix, that it really started to blow up in the EDM scene. There are pioneers in trap music right now, and it’s kind of in the same stage as moombahton was at this time last year. We’re going to see someone eventually step out and define the “trend” of the genre, like Skrillex did with dubstep or Dillon Francis/Munchi did with moombahton. UZ and Baauer are both working hard for that spot, but hopefully I can beat them to the punch!


dV: What artists do you dig these days?


QD: I’m all about BAAUER right now. The guy’s all over the place. This Belgian dude, DOCTRINE, keeps putting out some of the most well produced and crisp dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard. Oh, and check out «¥Ḿ̵ȩ͡‡a̴͜͟x̷ù¥» (METAXU), he’s another one of those dudes with barely any info about himself, but he’s got some great acid trap sh!t with plenty of bass, SO CRANK THAT GUY.


dV: If you could record an album with any rapper, or musician rather, who would it be?


QD: If it were a single with a rapper, I’d honestly want to do a song with TYLER THE CREATOR or some shit. That would be hot. But if I were to record an album I’d probably want to lay one down with KANYE WEST. That man’s been hot since I was young, It would be crazy to work with a legend like that who’s still got it going on.


dV: Describe your music in a few words:



dV: What inspires you?


QD: Cheese, eggs, a fat joint and BIG BOOTY BITCHEZ.


dV: What are your goals for this next year? any plans for touring?


QD: Well I’ve got a couple collaborations in the works with some other upcoming producers out there. •WILDSTEIN• and I are working on on a trap banger, keep an eye out for that guy as well. I’m doing a couple more rap tracks for a local allentown rapper named GODFREE, and I’m also working on another joint collaboration with DJ XEM, probably a house track. I’m hoping to get on the road soon, but my music just started making a splash in the local music scene. I’m going to be DJing a local music festival dubbed, “Electric Farmhouse,” at the end of the month in Ashbury, NJ, where I’ll be headlining with DJ XEM. Then I’m working on getting a couple shows down in Philly with a local record label sometime this summer as well.


dV: What words of advice do you have for people who are narrow minded when it comes to listening to music?


QD: Don’t be. there is something to be taken from every piece of music that you ever listen to. By limiting yourself to what you will and won’t listen to, you’re restricting your chances of finding things that are truly great. And don’t just listen to the big names either. Support your local talent and go check out a show in your hometown. You may be surprised at the level of talent that you can find around your area!


dV: Shout outs?


QD: I gotta give a shoutout to DJ LoPhi and Xem, two of my first examples of what a dj should be, and the main reason I’m even in this shit to begin with. big ups to dubstep24 in poland for being the first site to post any of my music for the world to see. Also shoutout to Jack Deezl in Philly, and nate day of Camo UFOs for showing Danko support over the past couple months. Big ups to mad decent too for blogging my track “Pelican” to their soundcloud roundup #69, hopefully it doesn’t just stop there. And •WILDSTEIN• gets daps too, watch out for this guy, he’s gonna blow the fuck up with these fire tracks we’ve got brewing.



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