MOTHER BROTHER – “Mamacita Del Blocc” [dankVIBES Premiere + Free Download]

Bass Big Beat EDM GENRE-DEFYING Trap Tribal


Today we are proud to premiere this new banger by the New York based dance duo, MOTHER BROTHER. “Mamacita Del Blocc” is a high energy track with some serious sound dynamic, blending hard hitting bass with tasteful laser sound and a rad, swingy beat. It also comes equipped with a dank video. These guys are only getting started, so be sure to keep an eye out for some new releases in the near future. Enjoy Responsibly.


MOTHER BROTHER on Facebook and SoundCloud


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RL Grime & What So Not – Tell Me

Australian Dance Music GENRE-DEFYING Trap

If you could imagine what a collaboration between RL Grime & What So Not would sound like, it would undoubtably be similar to “Tell Me”. The melodic and sonic creativity of What So Not meshes perfectly with the intense, trap-infused style of RL Grime. As catchy as it is loud, “Tell Me” is destined to be a hit, especially with spring-breakers. Enjoy!

RL Grime on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud


What So Not Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud

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BIG WILD – “La Brisa” (Rad Pre-Summer track)

Chill GENRE-DEFYING Hiphop Jazz Melodic R&B Soul SUMMER Tribal Tropical

Take out those bikinis, bathing suits, and sunscreen bottles because Big Wild has just released a new track today and it has the perfect vibe for those winter time blues. Meshing together future RnB melodies with latin grooves, “La Brisa” is sure to give you a little taste of the warm weather to come. dankVIBES is pleased to say that we are now managing this musical mastermind, and believe us when we say that this is only the start of some BIG THINGS TO COME. Stay tuned amigos.


BIG WILD on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter

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BOOMSLANG – “ADHD MIX” [dankVIBES Exclusive]

Bass Big Beat Bounce Breakbeat EDM Electro ELECTRONIC House Moombahton Trap Tribal

We’ve got an exclusive mix full of the latest electronic party tracks just in time for spring break. Austin natives Alastair Winston and Tanner Brown, aka BOOMSLANG, bring together an eclectic variety of some of the dankest dance songs in this 50 min “ADHD MIX.” They threw some unreleased fire in there as well, so keep your eyes in ears open for these guys in the near future. because they are packing some heat!


Boomgslang on Facebook and SoundCloud

ADHD Mix by Boomslang Music



Aziz Ansari being his funny as fuck self
Justin Prime & Sidney Samson – Thunderbolt (Skellism Remix)
Juelz Santana – There It Go (xKore Bootleg)
Boomslang – Overpowered
Tropkillaz – Mambo
New World Sound & Thomas Newsom – Flute (LooKas x TheCasaBrothers Festival Trap Remix)
Henry Fong – Stand Up
Boomslang – Riddim
Alex Metric & U-Tern – Hope
Mystery Skulls – Ghost (Viceroy Remix)
Earth, Wind & Fire – September (James Egbert Remix)
Aleis – Throw Your Hands
A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (Dog Blood Remix)
Jordy Dazz – Torpedo / J-Lie & Waka Flocka Flame – Throwin’ Money (Acapella)
Firebeatz & Schella – Dear New York
Matthew McConaughey talking about cocaine and beating his chest while Leonardo DiCaprio sits and looks uncomfortable in “The Wolf of Wall Street”
Spenda C & Nemo – Let’s Get Raw (Twerk VIP)
Bauuer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps
Bro Safari & UFO -Drama (JSTJR Remix)
ƱZ x Azar – Shake
Kanye West – Flashing Lights (TWRK Remix)
Major Lazer – Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul)
PTAF – Boss Ass Bitch (Boomslang Remix)
Feed Me vs. Ghostland Observatory – Pink Lady vs. Sad Sad City (Boomslang Mashup)

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Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” (Mystress Remix) [dankVIBES EXCLUSIVE]

Disco Funk GENRE-DEFYING Melodic Trap Tribal

Its been about a year since Daft Punk spilled their latest album, Random Access Memories, and we’ve seen a lot of remixes in the aftermath of it all. Today we’ve got something special and a little different than most of the stuff you’ve heard out there: Brooklyn based dance/bass producer, Mike Irish, aka MYSTRESS, just released this RAD remix of “Get Lucky,” and I guarantee its like nothing else out there. The track begins with a deceiving, happy, airy, melodic intro, and drops into a funky, tribal, and somewhat dark groove. He then brings it back to the disco-funk feel, incorporating an amazing live saxophone solo by 60 year old sax shredder, SoSaLa, and tying it perfectly into the second “drop.” MYSTRESS ultimately transforms the track into something completely different from the original, with the only main similarity being the use of bits and pieces of the lyrics. It’s something you can really get weird to on the dance floor, and we like that. So much soul. So much groove. A lot of steez. MYSTRESS is only getting started, so keep an ear out for more killer, unique, original tracks on the horizon. Enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD in the meantime.


MYSTRESS on Facebook and SoundCloud

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Chill ELECTRONIC Experimental GENRE-DEFYING Hiphop Melodic Native American Psychedelic Relaxtion Tribal

We are very excited to introduce you to Jackson Stell, aka BIG WILD, one half of the Brooklyn hip-hop/bass duo, MYSTRESS. His new EP is something beautifully different, drawing inspiration from Native American music, today’s electronic sounds, and the spiritual force of Mother Nature. ‘Native Echoes’ is a musical journey from beginning to end, with a variety of soothing electronic sounds, Native American vocals, and an enchanting, rhythmic, moving  beat that will have you lost in the land of sound, and left in a state of wonder. BIG WILD’s sound is a prime example of electronic music that maintains an organic feel, which I crave now more than ever in this age of synthetic sounds and songs. And this isn’t his first tea party. If you check out his SoundCloud, you’ll see that he has quite the quiver of swinging, soulful hip-hop and electronic tracks. So here it is, his new EP, along with a few more of our favorites. Enjoy.


BIG WILD on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter


And some more DANK

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Elizabeth Rose – The Good Life (Emoh Instead ‘Poolside’ Mix)

Australian Dance Music GENRE-DEFYING House Indie Melodic Soul

Sydney based Emoh Instead (one-half of WHAT SO NOT), has been established as a deft DJ for a good while, but recently showed the world that he is also an incredibly skilled producer, with the release of his debut EP, Say So ( featuring his two first original tracks). Today he dropped a grooving, soulful, melodic, housey remix of Elizabeth Rose’s warm weather anthem, “The Good Life” (Unfortunately it’s colder than a witch’s nipple in a brass bra where I am right now). You can bet your sweet behinds that this is only the start of this guys music making career. Music like this gives me hope that someday the global dance music movement will start to veer towards putting soul back into their songs.


EMOH INSTEAD on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter

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Bro Safari x UFO! x Jesse Slayter – Beat It Up [Free Download]

Booty-Shakin' Bounce GENRE-DEFYING

Here’s a HUGE new 100 bpm BOUNCE track by our homies BRO SAFARI, UFO!, and Jesse Slayter. These guys are always doing something different, and we really like that here at dankVIBES. “Beat It Up” is guaranteed to get booties shaking on the dance floor. The drum work is rad, the samples are strange yet appropriate, and that bass line that comes in at 1:36 really brings the funk/groove.


BRO SAFARI on Facebook and Twitter

UFO! on Facebook and Twitter

Jesse Slayter on Facebook and Twitter


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WHAT SO NOT – “Jaguar” [Original Mix]

Australian Dance Music Crunkwave Future Primitive GENRE-DEFYING Tribal

You can always count on our favorite Aussie dance music duo, WHAT SO NOT, to deliver something different. “Jaguar,”  the latest track from  Harley (Flume) and Chris (Emoh Instead)  combines tribal bass, aboriginal sounds and beautiful female vocals, resulting in something that is without a doubt, out of the ordinary. These guys are going to take over the dance music realm in 2014, and hopefully will set a trend amongst other artists in creating universally appealing, soulful, organic tracks. PREORDER THIS TRACK NOW!



WHAT SO NOT on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter

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SHEL – “When The Sky Fell” (Sound Remedy Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


NEW SOUND REMEDY IS FINALLY HERE! It’s been a while since the remix master has blessed us with some new music, and now he is back with a beautiful, melodic, progressive house remix of SHEL’s, “When The Sky Fell.” I normally can’t stand progressive house (sorry if its your main squeeze), but SOUND REMEDY has a way of making every genre he tackles simply stunning and breathtaking. Now go enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD.


SOUND REMEDY on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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Airwolf & Jasper – “Imitation” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Electro Funk GENRE-DEFYING House

Today we’ve got a new funk-house track by one of our new favorite producers, AIRWOLF, and fellow Aussie collaborator, Jasper. “Imitation” is a timeless, groovy, sexy dance tune where the days of disco/funk meet modern  electronic production capabilities. This one is sure to have you funking out, whether you are on the dance-floor, in the office, at school, or God forbid, court. Be careful where you listen to this one, and enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD responsibly.


AIRWOLF on Facebook and SoundCloud

JASPER on Facebook and SounCloud

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What So Not – “Touched” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bass Crunkwave Future Primitive GENRE-DEFYING Hiphop Tribal


Three years ago, our favorite Aussie bass duo, What So Not, formed when Emoh met Harley (Flume) in H’s bedroom. This new original of theirs, “Touched,” formed from an idea that spurred on that historic night. I say this in just about every post about these guys, but they have found the perfect balance between organic and electronic sounds, creating universally appealing dance music that you can’t quite label “EDM.” We love it, and this newest track is probably one of their best yet. Oh, and its a FREE DOWNLOAD, so cop this jazz and get weird.

WHAT SO NOT on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter

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Airwolf – “Hanging On”

Electro Funk Indie

Here’s a huge new club tune by the upcoming Melbourne-based, dance music enthusiast, AIRWOLF. Already established as DJ in 4 Australian states, he has become  a prominent producer over the past year, and the release of this funk-fused, electro jam, “Hanging On,” shows how talented he is, as well as how unique his sound is. Start following this guy, because he is about to blow up.


AIRWOLF on Facebook and SoundCloud



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Gregori Klosman – “Funk It” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Electro Funk

Here’s a new funky electro track by Paris based producer, Gregori Klosman. The name says it all. FUNK IT, and grap the FREE DOWNLOAD.


Gregori Klosman on Facebook and SoundCloud



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Tom Aspaul – “Indiana” (Bronze Whale Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Chillwave ELECTRONIC Electronica GENRE-DEFYING Indie Liquid Melodic TEXAS

So we haven’t got any posts up in a while because I’ve been on tour with Bro Safari and the wifi on the tour bus was giving us all kinds of problems. Now we are jumping back on it with SOME GOLD for you (or should I say bronze?). Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to AUSTIN’s very own electronic duo, BRONZE WHALE. A friend showed me these guys a few months ago, and I was instantly hooked to their carrying, smooth beats and euphoric and mystical melodies. Here is their newest track, a remix of Tom Aspauls tune, “Indiana.” FREE DOWNLOAD, check. Be sure to follow them via the social media links below.


BRONZE WHALE on Facebook and SoundCloud

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Tupac – “Still Ballin” (MYSTRESS Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bass GENRE-DEFYING Hiphop Rap Trap Tribal

We are pleased to bring you this DANK new remix by our friends from Brooklyn, Jackson Stell and Mike Irish, aka MYSTRESS. They take Tupac’s classic, “Still Ballin,” and add their signature, enchanting and cinematic orchestral build, then pump it up to a super unique, tribal, organic-sounding bass banger. These guys are a killer duo, and I know that this is only them getting warmed up. Its just getting started, so you can expect some more fire sparking up from these fellas.


MYSTRESS on Facebook and SoundCloud

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SwAy – “Red Dawn” (B!unt Force ReFunk) [Free Download]

Bass EDM Electro ELECTRONIC Funk

New B!UNT FORCE track? That’s what we like to hear. Our Austin, TX homie, Brian Gustafson, brings the perfect mix of funk and bass to SwAy’s, “Red Dawn,” in his newest refunk. This guy is only just getting started, and I know he’s got some serious tricks up his sleeve, so be on the look out. GRAB THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.


B!UNT FORCE on Facebook and SoundCloud

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FLUME – “Holdin On” Ft. Freddie Gibbs

Bass Big Beat Crunkwave ELECTRONIC GENRE-DEFYING Hiphop Rap

HOLY C*W. Just when I thought this song couldn’t get any better, it did. FLUME brings OG Indiana rapper, FREDDIE GIBBS, to his platinum track, “Holdin’ On,” turning this epic hip-hop instrumental into  a colossal rap anthem. This track will be available on the Flume: Deluxe Edition on November 8 (no free download unfortunately). Pre-order October 18th. Damn this wait. Guess we will have to blast it from SoundCloud in the meantime.


FLUME on Facebook and SoundCloud


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Big Tymers – “Still Fly” (Logun Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bass Crunkstep Dubstep EDM Hiphop Rap

I haven’t been posting as much dubstep (and trap) lately, partially because there hasn’t been much fresh/unique stuff coming our way (not saying there isn’t more of it out there). Well Baltimore based producer LOGUN seems to never let us down with his choice, hip-hop based tracks. Today he sparked this wildfire, a remix of Big Tymers’ classic, “Still Fly.” LOGUN does it all, maintaing the original swagger of the track, and boosting it up for dance floors with some big dubstep/trappy beats, amazing sound design and some dirty synths/growls. It was more than post worthy to say the least. Now go grab the FREE DOWNLOAD, crank up the sub woofer, and jam this banger.


DISCLAIMER: dankVIBES and LOGUN are not responsible for any falling/damaged wall fixtures or spilt beverages as a result of the powerful bass force emerging from this track.


Logun on Facebook and SoundCloud

Dotcom on Facebook and SoundCloud

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SPENCA & AFK – “Diamonds On My Neck Ft. Klebz” [Free Download]

Bass Crunkstep EDM GENRE-DEFYING Grime Hiphop Rap Trap

Here’s a a new banger, simple, sweet, and straight thug. Dallas, TX bass enthusiasts AFK and SPENCA team up to bring you this hood-bass anthem. Biggie samples, some 808, a few bass growls, and a synth that is out of this world make this a song that is likely to get dropped by some big names at a lot of upcoming shows (already receiving support from 12th Planet, Protohype and Crizzly). Did we mention its a free download?



Spenca on Twitter and SoundCloud

AFK on Facebook and Twitter


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